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Win Your Ex Girlfriend's Heart Again

Win your ex girlfriend's heart again

You're longing for her. She is always on your mind, this woman who was once a part of your life. How can you get her back? Surely, there are some things you can do to make it happen.

There is no simple answer to this kind of dilemma. If you want to rekindle your relationship, it is a step by step process.

You have to consider several concerns before you make a move. You can start by thinking why your girlfriend broke up with you. Is it because of a third party? Have you given her quality time or were you too busy with your work?

These are small issues but they can be huge obstacles in your plans. You have to revive her interest and to make this happen, look back at the days where you two were just starting.

First of all, try not to do anything crazy like pleading at her. This will not do you any good. It's like telling her that you can't think of any better ways to fix your relationship. She might also lose the last strand of respect she has for you along with the respect you have for yourself.

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Invite her for a dinner in a nice restaurant so that you can talk and settle your problems. Do not take her to a bar or any place that has lots of people within a noisy environment. You want her to get your side of the story as clearly as possible. That's why it is more appropriate to find a quiet place. Preferably, one of your old favorite places.

Begin with apologizing for the mistakes you might have done. Remember to tell her what things you're sorry for. Do not make a "general" apology. She will appreciate if you state and explain things one by one. This way, you are able to show her you know what went wrong.

Emphasize that you two shared a wonderful relationship that it will be too bad not to fix a problem together.

Another way is by using the help of another person. You can ask her best friend to say "(your name) misses you so much. He always talks about you".

A friend could also say, "we hope you never end up like some other couples who did not try fixing their relationship" then continue with, "it will be a shame to end up that way too".

If they said that your girlfriend agreed on what they said, grab this opportunity and ask her to talk things over.

After making a connection, what do you do now? See to it that you always have a plan. Just like any other business meeting, you should have an agenda unless you're a spontaneous person.

You can use the "Ho-Hum Formula" which is used for public speaking. Make an attention-grabbing introduction so that you'll know you have her ears. Proceed with the body of your message (explaining all the things you would like to say) then close it with your plans or suggestions on how you can fix your relationship.

One thing you want to see while talking with her is a positive response. Once you see this, grab the opportunity and ask for a reconciliation.

Unless you have really made a huge mistake before, you should be successful with your reconciliation plan. If you have stated your case very well and promised to change for the better, you can expect the answer you are waiting for.

You may not get her answer quickly but don't worry. Girls are just like that. They want to weigh first all the pros and cons of getting back with you. Also, they don't want to appear like they are some kind of an "easy girl" even though they really want to be with you again.

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