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I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it

Boys, have you ever kissed a girl? If you have and you knew how to kiss her, then you probably liked it. However, if you did and you had to clue how to kiss, you probably did not like it. If you have never kissed a girl before, in order to make sure it goes right, you need to study. Sure, you may not like studying, but this is definitely something you need to ace the first time you do it or you may be labeled "a bad kisser." You certainly do not want to be labeled a bad kisser now do you? When the lyrics "I kiss a girl and I liked it" start playing on the radio, you want to sing along and really mean it.

Signals She Wants to Be Kissed

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Girls can be very closed and that makes them hard for boys to read. However, as closed as they think they are, they still give off signals that they want to be kissed. Some signs that she is ready for the big moment include licking her lips, laying her head on your shoulder, moving close to you, not moving away from you, hugging you constantly, looking into your eyes, tell you that she loves you, smiling when you say her name and holding hands.

She is Showing Signals

If she is showing signals that she would like to be kissed, don't just sit there. It is time for you to start making those moves you have been practicing for so long (we know you have been practicing). Slowly move in towards her and if she does not move away from you, kiss her. If she starts to kiss you, follow her lead. If for some reason she pulls back, you should pull back as well and don't act shocked.

How to Prepare for the Kiss

It is important that you prepare for the kiss in advance. Take note that you never really know when that big moment is going to arise, so you need to be prepared for the kiss any time you expect to be around your girlfriend. You should always brush your teeth before you go on a date and if you plan on eating dinner, it wouldn't help to take some gum or a mint with you. Also guys, not to be funny or anything, but if you are growing some nose hairs, it wouldn't hurt to cut those before you go on a date with the girl you like/love.

Before you even try to kiss her, make sure she feels comfortable and safe. You need to be in the right environment or she is not going to feel comfortable. Many times, girls do not like to have their first kiss in public because she will feel that every eye in the building is on her. With those thoughts in mind, you may want to keep the first kiss private and out of public.

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