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Get your ex back!

The day you and your ex chose to end your relationship, you definitely did not think of getting her back.That's understandable because most of the times, break ups are unplanned and are not thought well because of the emotional state of both partners. And now that all the emotions have subsided, you want her back but have no idea on how to start. Below are several tips on the things you should and should not do if you really want her back:

1. Do not be a dupe. You might be considering that doing all the things that she wants will make her come back to you. But somehow, this is a total turn off to some. Also, threatening her that you will jump off a bridge will not do any good for you.


2. Refrain from giving her flowers and gifts. If she lost the feelings she had for you before, you can't do anything about it. We cannot force a person to love us again. Remember that no gifts can return the feelings that she had for you before once they're already gone.

3. A lot of advice includes going back to the very beginning of your relationship and finding out what you had together back then. It can be applied to some, but realistically, people change. It is possible that she got used to what you were doing before and doing it again might bore her. What you can do is to do the things you recently did before your break up where she responded positively. Chemistry is a very crucial factor in any relationship. What you thought as an insignificant action or gesture may be the key to win her back.

4. Do not use the jealousy to get her back. If you plan on getting another woman and show your ex-girlfriend that you already have someone new to make her jealous, this is not going to work! You might give her the wrong impression that you have already forgotten her. This will make her forget you too... Easily.

5. Don't be desperate trying to follow her anywhere. Going where she is going or checking up on her every minute is also not the right way to get her back. Instead of getting her back, she might just run away from you. She will call you if she wants to without you asking her.Harassment is not a good way to start getting back her trust.

6. If you need professional help, seek it. Men have a tendency to avoid someone's help because they think it will make them less of a man. If you really what to win her back again, be open minded to counseling. Not only it can help you change what is needed to be changed about your personality, but you can also gain a perspective that you never had before.

7. If you know that it is your fault that caused the break-up, a sincere apology is the the right way to start things. It is not enough to say you are sorry. Explain what things you did or say that you are sorry for. This way, she knows that you really put an effort on determining what went wrong with your relationship and that you are willing to change.

You can do a lot of things to win your ex back but you also have to remember there's a possibility that your relationship is really over.But a well planned approach can give you a more desirable outcome than a hasteful one.

No matter how good an advice can be. No matter how much effort you put into it. The answer still lies with your girlfriend. You know her better than anyone else. Use it to your advantage and be positive about whatever happens. Remember that God has better plans for both of you even if it means living your life separately.

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