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When it comes to married life, what's the last thing you would want to hear from your spouse? Perhaps, that he or she doesn't love you anymore right? This happens due to the negligence between couples. They seem to act or solve an issue when it's already at a harder-to-solve stage.

And at that moment, we ask ourselves if those words just came out of nowhere or were they hidden feelings for a long time? Remember that no matter how little a misunderstanding may be, if you don't do anything about it, it will end up as a huge problem.

The First Step on Solving your Problems

In any relationship, misunderstandings are just normal to happen. But if the "downs" seem to continue and cause more issues, you can warn yourself that there really is something not right. What you can do is to find out the cause of the problem. No matter how willing you're to solve it, if you don't know what to solve, nothing will happen. In some cases, it is easy to point out what problem needs to be resolved.

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Are you having problems with how your wife manages your finances? Or is your spouse losing interest in you? Not sure what the problem is? That's also normal. Not all concerns can easily be determined. Ask for a counseling service if you think it can help you find that problem. I repeat, "Only solve a problem when you know what the problem is."

The Second Step on Solving your Problems

After learning what the problem is, think of a solution.You have to solve it with your partner. You can do this by discussing the problem first while conversing as calmly and honestly as possible. You may think that it is a piece of cake to do this, but it's not. You're saying "It's just a small problem?", nothing is small with regards to relationship issues. You may also find your partner unwilling when it comes to being honest about what he or she really feels since you have not established an open-communication.

Sometimes, it's not only the attitude that requires "fine-tuning". Do you feel that your spouse is becoming distant? Doesn't he/she want to get close or intimate? Sometimes, it's the physical changes that influence the feelings of our spouse towards us. Are you willing to work it out just to please him or her?

Or maybe you're the one who changed? When was the last time you became intimate with your wife? If your wife is a fulltime housewife, definitely all her time is used in cleaning the house and taking care of the kids. Because of this, she doesn't have the time to take care of herself unlike when she was still single. Were you turned off because of this? You should be true about it. But say it in a good manner. Remember that being a fulltime housewife is harder than working all day in front of your computer at the office.

The Third Step on Solving your Problems

Wait for the problem to settle down. Just like any wound, it also requires some healing time. You need time to accept the things your spouse said to you. To change whatever it is that needs to be changed and also maybe, the time to forgive each other's mistakes. What you're mending here is the relationship, which means you and your partner. If your partner has to change something, you also have to do your part, it's about knowing how to accept all the little differences while still falling in love with each other.

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