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Crisis with Married Couples

Crisis with Married Couples

If you don't make any mistakes in your business, then you don't have any business at all. This is a common statement with regards to business in general. But this may also be applied to human endeavor as well as marital problems.

A couple's determining element in whether they will stay strong or fall during a crisis reflects on how they respond to such problems. We need to consider a lot of factors which cause a marriage crisis : lack of common interests, lack of communication, too many outside interests, marital infidelity, career interference and indifference.

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Divorce or separation can be expected if these factors are neglected.


Communication plays an important part in any relationship. When you can not talk openly with your partner, you're certain that there's a problem you need to resolve between the two of you. It is hard to move inside the house where you do not "completely" know your spouse. You can't discuss each other's dreams, interests and daily activities.

We are all conscious that the divorce rate is gradually growing. One of the reasons is simply COMMUNICATION or the lack of it for that matter.

"My wife does not understand me" is a typical declaration of a husband found accountable for womanizing. Is it appropriate to blame the wife when the husband doesn't even speak with her?

It is a lame excuse nowadays to say that "it's hard to communicate" when in this age, mobile and digital gadgets can be bought by just about everyone. I am betting that you would most likely find people strolling in the park, or standing in a line with their cellphones at their ears.

I believe that couples should discuss everything that is happening to them no matter what it is, even though it is just an unimportant thing. Together, you must talk about your plans for the family, how you will raise your children and other issues regarding married life.

Common Interests:

Can't think of a common interest between the two of you? What about your child? He/She is your common interest. And if you can think of a restaurant the two of you like to dine in, then that's also a common interest. Common interests come from various things like your love for travelling, shopping or sports.

A marital problem is likely to happen when a husband or wife gets used to going out with their friends instead of their spouse. Due to these, they have little time for each other and only meet their partner when they are about to go to sleep.

It's understandable that you both have different groups of friends, professions and hobbies. What was the main reason for marrying each other in the beginning? It all started with a common interest or hobby aside from the physical attraction. You must think of what it was.

The usual contributing element for married couples to drift apart is their profession. This can start to shake your marriage. The solution? Just spend at least one day of your week doing a hobby together with your partner.

Marital Infidelity

Observe this situation: When a husband leaves their home in the morning to go to work, he sees his wife wearing a robe preparing for work too. When he arrives at the office, he will be meeting people all dressed beautifully for work and at their best social behavior.

It's very easy for a man to get involved with one of the other attractive women at the office. Why? Since at work, we are all showing the best in us --when it comes to outer appearance, behavior and others. A business meeting or activity after work may be the start of potential problems.

If you really have no intent of destroying your marriage, then you should know that any emotional attachments must be avoided outside your home. And if you stay often at home (when there is no work), you can focus more on your family. Couples must find time to spend with one another. You can also set dinner dates and dress up beautifully - just like when you were still dating.


Being indifferent to your spouse can also trigger a marriage crisis. But not all indifferences are real. Some are just felt or imagined by the other person though it still leads to real problems.

This is the last on the list because it is the child of those issues explained above when neglected. Try to build an open communication, be affectionate just like when you were still newly wed, and fix issues together. In this way, you can prevent more potential problems coming in the future.

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