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Saving Marriage Advice

Saving Marriage Advice

With today's increasing divorce rate, it's not unusual that there are lots of couples who are searching for advice on how they can save their marriage. Aside from the painful process, divorce can also be painful for your pocket. Adding to that, your life will certainly change combined with the trauma that it will undoubtedly impact your kids as well.

As early as possible, make a move to save your marriage if you know it really is close to fall off the edge of the cliff. Remember that it is wrong for you to think that your partner will have to do something first before you decide to act yourself. Even though only one of you will be trying to save the marriage, it can be a starting point for things to change for the better.

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If you are one of these people who require help with their marriage, just keep on reading. You may see these next 4 tips as trivial but they can really help you with your plans to save your marriage:

* Never criticize the faults of your partner or the marriage itself. Don't take this too casually since it can help both yourself and your marriage significantly when observed properly. It is easier to say this than to actually do it. At this point in your marriage, you should not add more to the rift between you and your partner, so stop or avoid criticizing.

If you know you are about to say something negative about your wife or your marriage, then just stop yourself. What you will have to do is to be sensitive about what you will say or do. But as soon as you get used to this, you will find that you will no longer regularly engage in destructive discussions anymore. Just imagine if your partner is a constant nagger and complainer, annoying right? Avoid arguments from occurring and your partner may loosen up to you.

* Remember the good things in your marriage. I know it's difficult to do this at this stage in your life when everything looks so negative. But to make things simpler, remember those times where your relationship was still going smoothly. Can't think of those times? Then what is the use of trying to save your marriage in the first place?

Obviously, there are things that got you attracted to your partner. You also have some areas in your relationship that you treasure. Jot down all those points and place it somewhere you can easily find to remind you of why you're still married. Some say that when we concentrate on something, it starts to be our priority. Be positive and positivity will come into your life.

* Instead of criticizing your spouse, compliment him/her as much as possible. It is normal for people to feel the need to be appreciated especially for women. But if a marriage is experiencing a hard time, finding mistakes is easier than giving compliments. Even if praising your spouse is hard to do, still try. But don't exaggerate since it may sound insincere. Short yet heartfelt words are more effective than exaggerated ones.

Women, particularly, have a soft spot for praises and compliments especially if they feel that the compliment was a sincere one. Amidst the problems in your marriage, find time to compliment her cooking skills or sincerely thank her for the times she had taken care of you.

* Lastly, be patient and wait. Just tell your spouse your determination to sort out your marriage. Also tell him/her that you're open to communication. Even if your partner informs you that he/she does not want to communicate, tell him/her that you will be patient and wait until he/she is prepared.

Though there are plenty of great marriage help books out there, you can begin with these 4 tips. It will show your partner that you really care for your marriage and will do anything just to bring it back on track.

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