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Stop the Divorce - Start Your Life

Stop the Divorce - Start Your Life

If you wish to stay together with your husband/wife, no matter what's the status of the legal process of your divorce, you can do it. By just having the right attitude, actions and some luck, saving your marriage is possible. You can also be surprised at how much your relationship can improve along the way.

When taking the first step to stop the divorce, be sure to determine if that it is really what you desire. What went wrong in your relationship? Ensure that your motives are pure. Not all marriages are meant to last forever. Consider if yours is one of those.

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And now that you have really decided that it is worth the effort, start with the steps below:

Step 1: Reach out to your partner . By connecting with your partner, you can at least have a strand of possibility to prevent the divorce. Try to tell him/her that you're very eager to settle the problems and do not want the divorce to carry on. But be ready for the possibility that your partner will not be open to what you wish. The objective here is to give your spouse the message that you are eager to settle things.

Step 2: State Your Case. If your spouse gave you the opportunity to hear what you like to say, clearly and fully state your case. Tell him/her why you want to give your marriage another try, what must be fixed and what actions you are going to be taking.

Step 3: Listen To Your Partner . Listen, understand and take your spouse's opinion openly. Your partner may give you some information you can use to improve yourself even when he/she doesn't like to reconcile.

Step 4: Reflect On What He/She Has Pointed out . After speaking with him/her and knowing your spouse's side, look at your status in your relationship. This can help you better yourself. The problem will then be figuring out if you'll follow your partner's advice.

If your spouse is still uncooperative to stop the divorce --maybe because of a new found love or there was any kind of abuse in your marriage-- ask yourself again if there really is a need to keep your marriage. Some say to never surrender a fight. But if it's already influencing your life significantly, give yourself a chance to have a new relationship and a happy life.

Step 5: Take Positive Action. If your spouse decided to give another shot to your marriage try to do things right this time and be positive. Start with the problems you have discussed and go for marriage counseling if necessary.

Commitment is what you need for a marriage that is badly broken. Though working together can be regarded as as a milestone, be ready for the ups and downs that you'll come across while working on your marriage. Keep the positivity and focus on your goal which is to have a healthy and rewarding marriage.

But if your partner had really made his/her decision of continuing the divorce, you can still improve yourself as a foundation for a good future ahead. Regain your strength, have a positive outlook, and live your life again. You'll just wake up eventually feeling like a brand new person, ready to fall in love again and build a new and healthy relationship better than the previous one.

A number of people have attempted to stop divorce to create a better relationship, and succeeded. If this doesn't happen to you, you can still gain a positive outcome by gaining knowledge from your mistakes so that if you'll decide to fall in love again, you already know what to do.

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