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Why Should a Boy Kiss a Girl

Why Should a Boy Kiss a Girl

Why should a boy kiss a girl? This is a question many boys ask at an early age. In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you the wrong reasons to kiss a girl followed by the right reasons to kiss a girl.

The Wrong Reasons to Kiss a Girl

Before we tell you the right reasons to kiss a girl, we feel that you need to learn the wrong reasons first. Below, you will find a person list of the wrong reasons you should not kiss a girl.

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Because You Have Never Kissed Before - There are many times where a boy will want to kiss a girl simply because he has never had that kiss before. He may be getting picked on in school or he could be trying to rush things along. Boys, you should be patient and remember patience always pays off. When you kiss a girl simply because you have never been kissed before, you will ruin your first kiss.

Because You Want More Than a Kiss -Some boys will kiss a girl just to seduce her. This is certainly not the type of reputation you should have around town, no matter what. Boys, we know it may seem hard, but you need to learn how to control those hormones.

To Win a Bet - If you are kissing a girl just to win a bet, then that is the wrong reason.

To Be More Popular - Boys will kiss girls just to be more popular just as girls will do the same thing. Personally, we think you should only kiss those you feel attracted to, not because you want to be more popular.

Put it this way, when you grow up, are you going to regret who you kissed for the first time? Your first kiss is going to stick in your memory, so make sure you make it worth it.

The Right Reasons to Kiss a Girl

Now it is time to discuss the right reasons to kiss a girl.

Because He Cares About Her - Do you care about the girl you are currently dating? If so, then it is time to kiss her. If it is your first time kissing a girl, you may want to read and learn about kissing.

Because He Wants to Show His Emotions - Do you have emotions for the girl you are dating? Do you wish to share those emotions with her? Kissing is a great way to share emotions.

Because He Loves Her - The number one reason to kiss a girl would be because you love her and you want her to feel your love. A kiss will tell a lot about a person. A girl can tell how a guy feels about her by the way he kisses her.

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