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Breaking up with someone we love is the hardest thing to do. It gets even harder when you realize that it was not what you wished after all. So, if you believe you are ready to give yourselves another chance but do not know how and where to start, here is some advice that might be useful to you. But before you rush things and call him, ask yourself if this is the best thing to do.

Can both of you work out your differences? Or living your lives separately can be more favorable for your future? If your relationship is surrounded by quarrels, jealousy, or misunderstandings, perhaps you may like to think first before talking with your boyfriend again. Ask yourself if you're prepared to be involved in that kind of relationship again.


If you end up with the choice of getting your boyfriend back and starting a relationship with him all over again, you can try these useful tips.

Tip 1 - Find out the reasons why you broke up. If you really like him back, try to identify what issues or problems you have that need to be sorted out first. If the issue is on your side, you can think in advance how you can change or improve it. If you think it's his problem, you can suggest what he can do about it or even help him. This will also show that you will really be working hard for your relationship to work again.Keep in mind, two individuals are involved in a relationship. That's why it is only normal that both of you must work on it. It is not right to say that you broke up only because of his faults.

Tip 2 - Provide him the space that he needs. When you have already told him what you wanted to say -- based from the previous tip --, give him the time to think things over.Do not act like your some kind of a stalker that will call or text him every day just to ask what's his decision. Tell yourself beforehand that after the discussion, after explaining the things that you consider ended your relationship, you'll have to leave him alone. No more, no less.No matter what his decisions may be, accept it. If he also wishes to give your relationship another chance, good for you. If not, then it really is goodbye.

Tip 3 - Give time to yourself. It is not only your emotions that get affected during breakups. You can also forget about taking care of your own health. Do not stress yourself. If you really want him back, show him that you're emotionally and physically ready. Eat right, exercise regularly and stay away from things that can stress you. Not only will your boyfriend find you a lot more attractive, he will also be positive that you are capable of changing and improving yourself.

Tip 4 - Be optimistic in life. Do you know the Law of Attraction? When you think positively, positive things will happen. If after so many days your ex has not called you yet, always remember that it will be resolved in God's time. If it means not being with him, then maybe it will be with someone better.

Tip 5 - Find a hobby. To pass time, do something productive. You might be surprised to discover some hidden talents you have. Enjoy the time you have for yourself. Spend time with your family and friends. This can improve your self-confidence. Remember that when happiness comes from within, contentment is attained.

Tips 6 - Stay open minded. You have your own opinion, he also has his own. To meet half way, you must know when and how to answer back. Don't let any emotions take over your mind. Being emotional cannot help you figure out any problems. Let him talk and explain his side.

Getting him back is possible if you are honest, positive and open minded. But if you are really not meant to be together again, you can still tell yourself that you have done a good job because you ended up being a better person.

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