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Save The Marriage

Save The Marriage

Lee Baucom, Phd., is one of the most reliable counselors when it comes to solving marriage issues. His approaches though non-traditional, have fixed thousands of marriages.

Dr Baucom's approach concentrates not only on the things that you must do to resolve your marriage, but also on the things that can be done to keep your marriage healthy. Based on his opinion, since the formation of his plan, his practical system has saved thousands of distressed marriages. On his website,, there is a series of videos of him discussing the substance of his method.

You will find the information from the website well-ordered, clearly described and useful. He also disagrees with those unqualified marriage counselors who are typically found offering their service on the internet. Dr. Baucom said that most of the resources that these marriage counselors use are not tested and unverified.

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Lee H. Baucom is a PhD and part of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. A proud success rate of 90% was declared by Baucom, compared with the industry's average of 20%. For all his achievements, he gives all the credit to his exceptional techniques.

At the beginning, he applied the archaic principles which were taught to him during his first practice years. Unhappy with how things turned out, he developed a new and uncommon method that worked wonders for him.

Only a smaller percentage of psychologists specialize in marriage therapy. It is only in the later portion of their training when general methods are added as a treatment for marital problems In Dr. Baucom's opinion, this later practice does not really help the success rate of most psychologists. To unveil the "Four Myths of a Successful Marriage" is a primary element in Dr. Baucom's method.

The Four Myths of a Successful Marriage are:

- Communication is crucial in a marriage. - Can this be a misconception?

- A successful marriage has a single path towards it. (Dr. Baucom says there are eight.)

- When only one partner is working to save the relationship, his endeavour will not be a success.

- All problems can be fixed by waiting for the right time.

As explained by Dr. Baucom, "More marriages die because of neglect than any other reason". He also included that in most instances, a person is caught off guard when their spouse tells them that they must consider having a divorce. The other party thought that everything was fine until the other demanded a divorce.

The majority of people put their marriages as one, if not the top of their priorities, based on many surveys. But on the other hand, they still don't put much effort in improving their relationship. This lack of concern is what leads a marriage to fall.

If we try to connect it to a career situation, most people would decide to quit rather than looking for a way to hold on and change for the better. This and the decreasing sense of value for marriage is what causes the divorce rate to soar.

It is crucial to know where your relationship stands, based on Dr. Baucom. The type of solution will depend on what point in your relationship are you at now.

Dr. Baucom needs not to say much, he will just leave it to his success ratio to show that he's genuine. Add to that the number of successful stories that can be found on his website.

Dr. Baucom ends this article by saying that saving your marriage and keeping it intact is what his program is all about.

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