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Signs it is the Right Time to Kiss Your Girl

Signs it is the Right Time to Kiss Your Girl

We are probably not the first ones to admit this, but girls are hard to read at times. It is hard to determine when the right time is to kiss them. Boys do not want to make mistakes and make their moves at the wrong time as this could completely ruin any future they may have with the girl. With those thoughts in mind, we are going to give you signs it is the right time to kiss your girl, so boys, get ready to start learning those signs.

She Will Stay Close - When you put your arm around her or when you hold her hand and she does not pull away from you, then she may want to be kissed. When you hold her in your arms, does she look comfortable? If so, this is a good sign for you.

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She Lays Her Head on Your Shoulder - When a girl lays her head on a boys shoulder, this is usually a sign, but not always. However, this should definitely go on your list of signs, especially when it is paired with some of the others we have on this list.

Her Smile - Sometimes, simply looking at the way a girl is smiling will tell you if she is ready to be kissed or not. When you say her name in a loving tone, does she smile?

She Wants to Meet You in Private - If the girl wants to meet you in private, then you may want to eat a couple of breath mints before you reaching the meeting place. When a girl asks you to meet her in private and she has been showing the other signs on this list, then she may be expecting a kiss.

Licks Her Lips a Lot -When she is around you, does she lick her lips a lot? We are not talking about licking her lips in a flirty way. We are talking about unconsciously licking her lips. She may be doing this because she is thinking you might kiss her and when you kiss her, she does not want her lips to be dry.

Guys, don't be afraid to watch for the signs your girl is ready to be kissed. If you wait too long to kiss her after she starts to show those signs, she may think something is wrong in the relationship. This is why it is important that you learn to recognize the signs. Yes, girls can be closed minded at times and she may not be giving you all the signals. If she is nervous, especially if she has never kissed a guy before, she may keep her arms crossed and keep looking away. With those thoughts in mind, you will just have to rely on those good old male instincts and kiss her when you believe the time is right. On a side note, you should never ask her if you can kiss her. If for some reason she does pull away when you go to kiss her, don't ask her why - just stop.

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