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Kissing Tips for Boys

Kissing Tips for Boys

Many boys want to learn how to kiss a girl - this is a very important skill for every guy. Why? Because to a girl, the way a guy kisses is just a simple taste of how they are going to be between the sheets. Yes, girls do think about these things, even though they may not tell you. If your first kiss with a girl you are dating goes wrong and is horrible, she might end up losing interest in you, it all depends on the type of girl she is. There are some girls that will take you under her wing and teach you the right way to kiss - the way she likes it. Until then, we are going to give you some kissing tips for boys like yourself, so pay close attention to what we are about to tell you.

Before the Kiss

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Are you thinking about kissing her? Then you need to look around you and check out the environment. Do you feel comfortable and does she feel safe next to you? If she is laughing and is in a good mood, then this is a sign that she feels safe next to you. If she is tight, then she is obviously nervous and you need to find a way to make her feel comfortable and safe with you before you move in for the big kiss. How are things between the two of you? Are they light and positive?

After you have decided that the two of you are connected and you are in the setting for a kiss, it is time to make your move. While many guys feel like they are being respectful when they ask a girl if they want to kiss, you may want to skip this step. Asking her if you can kiss her is not going to impress her, because then, it feels as if it was planned.

During the Big Moment

There you are, bringing your lips closer to her face. Your heart is pounding and you have sweaty palms, because you are actually about to do it! Mind you, learning how to kiss a girl will mean you need to learn how to build that anticipation. Okay, so how do you do that?

When you are leaning in for a kiss, you need to do so slowly. Do not kiss her with all your might - do it gently. After your lips connect, try to follow her lead - when she gets into the kiss, follow her. For example, if she continues to gently kiss her, you do the same. If she starts kissing you like mad, then do it. Then, out of nowhere, pull back in order to build up her excitement. During this time, she will likely pull you back in.

The trick here is when you pull back, you will make her want you even more. This will make her move in to kiss you even deeply than before. When she does this, just continue following her lead, but from time to time, don't forget to pull back. Pulling back is going to make her go crazy over you. If you are making all the right moves and she is really into you, this could lead to the ultimate French kiss. When you know that she is into you, try to hold her face with your hands.

After the Kiss

When the two of you are done kissing, there are two things that could happen. One, you will stop kissing and the night will end. Two, your night will lead to bigger things. Good luck.

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