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Facts about Divorce

Facts about divorce

Of all the marriages in the United States, more than 50% of them will possibly end in divorce. US isn't the only country that suffers this social dilemma but also other developing nations around the globe are facing the same issue. Sad but true, we are now dealing in a kind of society where marriage isn't as sacred as before.

Marrying today is conducted only as a means to comply with the tradition rather than making it the solid foundation of a family.

Oftentimes, public figures like the celebrities, athletes, politicians and entertainers are the ones who are often involved in a separation.

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When it comes to careers, policemen have the highest rates of divorce. This is due to the following: a dangerous profession, authoritative uniform, badge and guns attract the opposite gender.

But soon after the policeman's partner becomes aware of the danger and the hurricane-like life with his type of profession, it ends up with divorce.

Almost half of the first marriages in the US and several other countries like Russia, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia and Canada ended in divorce. Include to that, two-thirds of second marriages end and three-quarters of third marriages are annulled.

Have we really missed the real definition of marriage? Does divorce become an "escape route" for couples who encountered difficulties with their marriage without trying to settle them first?

The value of marriage slipped dramatically over the years. This is based from the number of people who choose not to marry their partners and just live in a civil union, but still choose to have children. This resulted with women having children with different fathers.

When couples are having difficulties with their relationship, people may think that it is because of the husband or wife. Sometimes, it roots back from the family background of both persons. If a child did not grow in a family with respect and love for each other, can we count on him or her to become loving?

Another point to look at is one's religion. If a person doesn't believe in a deity -- specifically in Christianity-- then there is no meaning to the marriage vows. It's just like reciting a poem and forgetting it in time.

Couples with children have a lower divorce rate than couples with no children -- 40% less. Though the smaller rate made a difference, let's think of those children involved in a broken marriage. In the future, these children might be an addition to the number of marriages that end up in divorce because they can perceive that divorce is a normal thing in marriage. Should we expect them to devote to their future partners if his or her parents are not committed to each other?

The average age of people for a first divorce is 33. It is also the median age of people with children. As a result, many children have experienced being raised by only one guardian during their growing years. This is when a mother and father figure is most important.

Divorce and the lack of trust in marriage vows are just a few of the problems our society is currently facing. If an individual has lost the meaning and importance of marriage, how can we say that he or she is committed to the relationship? When you don't know the essence of marriage, then how does it differ from a casual relationship?

If starting and ending a marriage is just as simple as ABC nowadays, then think of how many casual partners our children will have in the future. We are moving forward when it comes to technology, but our moral is running backwards. Back to the primitive structure like that of a chimpanzee.

But the male chimpanzees are proud of how they can take full responsibility for all the babies of their mate. Since they don't know who is his child, male chimps take good care of all of them.

Let us say that you are not really a religious person, this doesn't excuse you from giving value to your marriage. If you really cherish, love and care for your partner, these should be enough grounds for you to think twice and fix things up rather than seek divorce. Add to that some respect and loyalty to the promises you have made in front of each other and your partner's family.

Marriage is a lifetime effort not just to your partner but also to yourself. We should never consider entering this kind of relationship if we are only up for an instant gratification instead of long lasting happiness.

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