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Alert: Marriage in Crisis

Alert Marriage in Crisis

If your routine each day is to wake up, prepare for work, fix the children's needs, then go to work, you end up having little or no time to spend with your partner. You may not see it, but this can produce problems in your marriage. And when you finally realize it, the problem is already so big that you cannot even discuss it. When this happens, you can say that your relationship is facing a crisis.

It does not always mean that you have a marriage in crisis when you can't find the time to talk and ask about each other's day.

 Though it's a good indication that you have something to talk about with your spouse about this worry. Apart from the disconnection, look for more indications that may tell you that you are facing a crisis in your marriage.

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These are several of the signs you can watch out for to determine if your relationship is still running smoothly or if you're on your way to a marriage crisis.

* A lack of desire to spend time together - Start to think twice if you or your spouse would rather choose to do things individually. This is an indication that something is wrong. Start sharing this concern with your partner. It is understandable to become busy with works and friends, but having completely no time for your partner is unacceptable.

* A sense of resentment - Resentment towards your partner should already alert you. Resentment will not do any good to a marriage. If this intensifies, you will wake up one day feeling the need for divorce.

* A lack of intimacy - It's not normal for couples to not get intimate for a long time. This is an essential factor in a relationship. Not having sex doesn't totally mean a "marriage in crisis", but loss of intimacy does. A simple kiss or hug can make a difference, so don't ignore these little actions. This is your way of showing your intimacy to your partner.

* An inability to communicate - Constant arguments but not even trying to discuss them? This means you have a marriage crisis. If you like your relationship to last long and stay stronger, the two of you must establish a healthy communication.

Once you have analyzed your situation completely and have come to conclude that you are on your way to trouble, there are solutions to get you out of this. With efforts coming from the two of you, no marriage crisis is impossible to overcome.

To begin with, try to talk and discuss things out in order to repair the damage done to your marriage. Explain to your partner that you believe there is something wrong with your marriage, share what each other think of it and also know his/her side. This way you not only fix your problem, but you also enhance your relationship.

When talking about your issues about him/her, be sure to do it in a respectful manner. Never use demeaning words when you tell him/her your issues about him/her. This will only make matters worse. When choosing what solution is the best, go with the one you both agreed on. This can show him/her that you respect and give importance to his/her ideas.

Go to the next phase by spending more time with each other. Give a day of your week to your partner. Work should not be an excuse even though you're a busy person.

Dating over dinner once every two weeks is better than nothing if you are really a busy person. Make up for the lost time that was wasted, have fun with the night together and restore that spark in your marriage.

Recognizing warning signs of a marriage problem do not always mean that your relationship is about to end. Learning to resolve this earlier can benefit your relationship. A better and fulfilling relationship is to be expected.

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