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Discover If Your Relationship Is Unhealthy

Discover If Your Relationship Is Unhealthy

Being alone is a major problem to smany people who will frequently stay in a relationship even if it's already an unhealthy one. However, they are not aware that what they are doing can cost them a lot in the long run. A relationship needs love, care, support and respect. Without these, be prepared for negative side effects for both you and your partner.

You can be affected by an unhealthy relationship in several ways. Beside the sense of unwantedness, you will also get frustrated and unworthy. No matter how hard you strive to hide how these impact you, negativity will still show when you speak with others or when you are at work.

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How can one tell that he or she is involved in an unhealthy relationship? How do you overcome it? These are merely some of the typical signs that can alert you of an incoming dilemma:

* Communication Issues - Couples who find it difficult to talk and go over things with their partner can claim that they have an unhealthy relationship. Keep in mind that for a couple to create a strong foundation in a relationship, excellent communication should be established first. It is essential that both you and your partner feel that you are a part of a whole. Problems can be managed if communication is the foundation of your relationship. But if communication can't be started because of the unwillingness of your partner, try to focus on yourself.

* Feeling of not being valued - An unhealthy relationship also starts from ignoring one's partner. It may not be on purpose due to work related issues, but a neglected partner feels rejection.

* Intimacy faded - Being passionate to your partner is one of the keys to a long term and strong relationship. There is a wrong idea that intimacy simply implies having sex. It goes past that. It can be in the form of hugging, cuddling, talking or supporting one another. This is always a give and take action that's why it's necessary for you and your partner to cooperate. An unhealthy relationship isn't surprising if intimacy is gone. Try something new and experiment how you can ignite that flame again. Try setting up a breakfast in bed for your partner. Simple actions help a lot.

* Not enough support to each other - With regards to a healthy relationship, one should have the support from his/her partner for the fulfilment of individual improvement. Having no opportunity to improve yourself, begin a new hobby or make new friends due to your partner reflects an unhealthy relationship. What both of you should do is to help each other not only inside the relationship but also with each other's individual interests. If he loves sports, encourage him to join a sports team in your neighborhood and in return, he will most likely support you once you decide to take cooking classes.

Living in an unhealthy relationship can result in the destruction of one's character. Learn to voice out your concerns if you have already observed that your relationship is turning into an unhealthy one and fix them with your partner. If you can do this, you will see that even a troubled relationship can still be rescued from an incoming disaster plus the added bonus of turning into a stronger and happier relationship over time.

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