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Types of Kisses

Types of Kisses

If you are looking up the different types of kisses, then love is obviously in the air. Did you know that there are many different types of kisses? That's right, there is more than just the "French Kiss." For those of you who are interested in spicing things up, you may want to try some of the different types of kisses. Below, we are going to give you an interesting list of the different forms of kisses.

The French Kiss - Yes, this is one of the most popular forms. This is an open-mouthed kiss where your tongue's touch. The French Kiss is also known as the tongue kiss. This type of kiss could take years of practice to master it.

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Butterfly Kiss - This is a pretty popular type of kiss as well. This will involve touching each other's eyelashes together and blinking fast as if your eyelashes were a butterfly's wings. This type of kiss is cute and fun to do while you are taking a breather from those traditional kisses. You could also do this by fluttering your eyelashes against someone's forehead or cheek.

The Spiderman Kiss - Ever since the Spiderman movie was released back in 2002, the Spiderman Kiss has become popular. This involves kissing someone while they are upside down. This way, the top lip will kiss the bottom lip and vice versa.

Eskimo Kiss - This one is a cute kiss. It involves putting your noses together and gently rubbing them back and forth.

The Secret Message Kiss - This one is interesting. While the two of you are in the middle of a French kiss, with the tip of your tongue, spell out a secret message on their tongue. This is a great way for you to get that message across!

A Vampire Kiss - This one will involve kissing someone's neck. Yes, it can involve sucking on their neck or lightly biting them. Note: This could leave a hickey and some girls may not like it, so you should ask her before you do it.

A Lizard Kiss - As funny as the name may sound, this is a pretty cute kiss. It involves flicking your tongue while it is inside the partners mouth. This is a fun kiss, so it would not be good for a first kiss.

An Angel Kiss - The angel kiss will involve you kissing the girl gently on her eyelids or next to the eye. This is a very romantic kiss and is a good way to wake someone up in the morning.

You may not realize this right now, but your kissing style can have a major impact on the girl you are kissing. When you kiss and have love you on your mind at the same time, it can make it even more sweet. Wherever you kiss, whether it is on your partner's neck, ear, eyes, forehead, hand or mouth, if you love them, they should be able to feel the love through your kisses. Remember, a kiss isn't always just a kiss.

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