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Save Your Troubled Marriage

Save Your Troubled Marriage

A rough patch in a relationship is almost unavoidable. Sometimes the problems leave cracks in the relationship that are difficult to mend. Mending the holes caused by these problems will take an all-out effort to fix the marriage.

When healing patient diseases, present day medicine in developed nations concentrates on working with the symptoms.

On the other hand, medical researchers stop future outbreaks by seeking the causes of the disease. In saving marriages, you should take care of the symptoms and uncover the causes to fix your marital problems.

Find Out How to Save Your Marriage

Concentrate on the symptoms and then deal with the causes of your marriage problems to avoid them from happening again.

However, a fast and direct method is necessary to find the cause of your relationship problems, specifically if it's due to both or either one of you in the relationship. The problem should be dealt with together if it's caused by the behavior of one or both sides or cold attitude towards each other.

When working with marital difficulties, it is wise to be organized. Make a list of all the problems you think are present in your marriage and the ways in which you can fix them.

Ask your partner to create his/her own checklist as you make yours and then discuss each other's lists in a calm conversation. Depending on each other's lists (assuming that your partner cooperates and is also eager to save your marriage), decide on what solution will be best to stick to.

An organized method helps us get rid of some of the unhelpful emotions when fixing marital problems, in most cases. If you and your spouse are done formulating a plan to save your marriage, it should be brought into play immediately. Have a discussion with your spouse about your daily progress.

When your spouse isn't as eager as you are in saving your marriage and believes that he/she is the one whose on the losing end, then you need to find a different option.

If that's your situation then you can let your partner look at your own list of things that you're willing to do to keep your marriage. When you notice things becoming more positive, you can now ask your partner to make his/her own list.

You should also make a list of why you should end your marriage aside from the things you are intending to do to make your marriage better. Create a list including both the advantages and disadvantages regarding your marriage. Talk about them with your spouse, if they are positive about the thought.

If needed, look for help from another party, group or someone who your partner will surely listen to (if in case he/she is still not cooperative at this point in time). Request them to evaluate the balance sheet with your partner.

Remaining in a situation is way easier than to change it. Most people aren't that open to change in their lives. They would rather choose to stick with what has worked for them for a long time.

As long as you're showing how eager you are to keep your relationship, there will always be a chance for your spouse to change his/her mind and feel the same way.

And if one of you has made a mistake, be reminded that "to err is human, to forgive is divine". Be divine.

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