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Boys and Kissing Girls for the First Time: A Story About a Boy Named Jack

Boys and Kissing Girls for the First Time

Meet Jack, he has never been kissed before. He's had plenty of opportunities to kiss a girl, but he has always been too nervous to do so. Plus, he has been waiting for that right girl to come along. Jack is currently dating a girl that he thinks he loves. Jack is eighteen years old and is a senior at the local high school. Currently, he is preparing to learn how to kiss his girlfriend. He is not sure how to do so, so he turns to the Internet. Jack is now reading this article. Are you like Jack? Don't worry, because many boys are just like Jack and there is nothing wrong with this. Honestly, if you have never kissed a girl before, it does not make you a bad person. Sure, people may be making fun of you, but when they grow up, they are going to regret it.

The time will eventually come. Eventually, you will be in the right shoes at the right time and it will be your turn to kiss a girl. When that time does arrive, you will need to have all the right information. There are many articles that will misguide you and tell you all the wrong moves. It is time for you to learn the RIGHT moves.

Learn How to Kiss the Girl of Your Dreams!

To start with, you should NEVER force a girl to kiss you. If you do not feel comfortable, then the girl may not feel comfortable either. If the girl keeps her distance from you during the date, then she probably is not ready to be kissed. However, if she is constantly leaning her head on you and looking into her eyes, she may be ready to be kissed.

If the two of you have never kissed before, it may be best if you kiss her on the cheek to start things off. When you kiss her on the cheek, if she continues holding you, move in to kiss her on the mouth. Chances are, she is going to follow your lead and kiss back. What was a simple kiss on the cheek may turn into a French Kiss.

Guys, we know what you are thinking. You are thinking about that French kiss and how complicated it sounds. Honestly, it is not as complicated as it sounds. Sure, if you sit there and think about what direction to move your tongue and when to move it, it will be complicated. However, if you just let it happen naturally, it will not be so tough. Sometimes, it is best to just let things flow naturally.

In the end, what did Jack do? Jack didn't worry about a thing and kissed his girlfriend after a date. One thing led to another and now, Jack has been married for 26 years. He is happy that he saved that first kiss for the girl he planned on marrying. While who you kiss is fully up to you and kissing is not a sin, many guys may want to follow in Jack's shoes as it makes the girl feel special.

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