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Tips on Kissing Your Girlfriend for the First Time

Tips on Kissing Your Girlfriend for the First Time

Boys, we know you want to be a labeled a great kisser for many years to come. How do you know if you are a great kisser or not? If you are a good kisser, the girl will usually tell you. Despite it all, you need to be certain that you are good at what you do. With those thoughts in mind, we believe all boys need tips on kissing their girlfriend. In the paragraphs below, you are going to find some tips on kissing your girlfriend.

While you may feel that it is polite to ask her if you can kiss her, you may want to avoid this. You shouldn't ask a girl if you can kiss her, especially if it is the first kiss. This is something that should naturally happen. For many girls, a boy asking her if he can kiss her is a pet peeve. This is just something you will have to ease your way into. Get close to her and if she does not back away, she may be ready to kiss you.

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To start with, don't be afraid to use your hands. Your hands should be available to hold her or if she is already in your arms, to pull her closer. Trust us, girls love it when a guy holds her during a kiss. As the two of you lock lips, use your hands to rub her back. When you do this, girls will get a tingling sensation and it is going to make the kiss much better. Note: Guys, do not put your hands on her back and just leave them there - keep one around her, but the other one could roam freely around her body, such as her hair.

Good breath is something you cannot forget about. Don't even think about kissing her for the first time after you have consumed something such as garlic. Bring some gum to chew after dinner in order to freshen your breath. Try to keep gum or mints in your car or your jacket pocket at all times.

When you kiss her, it should feel as if time is moving in slow motion. Girls do not like guys who rush everything. Romance does not involve rushing - romance involves being slow and taking your time.

While your lips are locked, you should be gentle with her. This is not the time to show her how strong you can be. Girls tend to like it when a guy gently caresses her body during their kiss. You may also want to run your hands through her hair during this time.

When you are leaning in for a kiss, you need to do so slowly. Do not kiss her with all your might - do it gently. After your lips connect, try to follow her lead - when she gets into the kiss, follow her. For example, if she continues to gently kiss her, you do the same. If she starts kissing you like mad, then do it. Then, out of nowhere, pull back in order to build up her excitement. During this time, she will likely pull you back in.

In the end, do not ask her if you can kiss her (it should come naturally), don't be afraid to make contact, have good breath, take things slowly and be gentle. Doing all of those things will make for a great first kiss with the girl you are in love with.

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