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How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

You have finally met a girl you like, if not love. Things are going great between the two of you and you. She makes you feel like the happiest boy around. You are starting to think about kissing, but you are afraid because you have never kissed a girl before and you are not exactly sure how it is supposed to work. Kissing a girl is not as hard as you may think. Below, we are going to tell you how to kiss a girl for the first time.

Relax and Stop Thinking So Much About How the Kiss is Going to Be

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To start with, you need to relax. Your mind must be going one hundred miles per hour right now. Kissing is not that hard to do. It simply involves putting the lips together and if it is a French kiss, it will involve touching tongues, but we will not get into that right now as we do not want to give you something else to worry about. We will tell you right now, kissing is a process that is going to come natural. This is not something you can predict and is certainly not something you should plan. If you plan it, it is not going to have the same magical feeling. Sure, it wouldn't help to read and learn about the different types of kisses, as long as you don't plan the entire thing out.

There is No Need to Worry About Your First Kiss

There are so many guys out there that have worried about how their first kiss was going to be. In the end, they realized they did a lot of worrying over nothing. When you kiss a girl, you are basically going to follow her lead. If she wants to speed things up a bit, trust us, she will do so.

Make Her Want More of You

The trick is, while you are kissing her, after about four seconds, pull your mouth away from her mouth. If she really wants you, she will move her mouth in for more of your kisses. If she does not want to kiss anymore, she will not move in. When you pull away during the kiss, you are making her want you even more. This is a good technique that you should master. Each time she pulls you back in for a kiss, she will kiss you faster and harder.

Don't Worry About Being the Best Kisser

If you are a great kisser, she may tell you, but do not fret if she does not tell you that you are a great kisser.

In the beginning, you should not expect to be a great kisser. This is something that takes time to master. In fact, some people do not fully master the art of the French kiss for years. Just remember, practice makes perfect and if you are with a girl that understands you, she will understand this.

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