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Problems In Your Relationship

Problems In Your Relationship

Once you are in a relationship, you are certain to face some obstacles no matter how long or how short you two have been together. Relationship crisis is normal, but you must know the signs to avoid it.

If you do not want to end in breaking up or divorce, learn to admit that there are problems or issues in your relationship that need attention.

Listed below are a few signs that may tell you whether your relationship is soon to have a problem or is already on a bumpy road.

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* Couples are living together but have their own lives. This usually happens to couples who have been living together for many years already. Yes, you live in the same house, share the same bed but nothing more. When you do your own thing while your partner does his/hers too, how could you claim that you're a couple? You're not one of those loving couples you see in the park anymore. Rather, you are just roommates with your own routines. Though it may seem that your condition does not affect your relationship, it is a sign that you may have a relationship problem.

* Abuse of any kind. Hurting your partner (in any way) shouldn't be tolerated. Either spouse, but especially women may deny abuse if they are not suffering physical damage. Abuse covers plenty of different instances like an act of threat or intimidation, physical, verbal or sexual abuse. If there's an abuse going on in your relationship, it just signifies there's a serious relationship crisis going on for quite some time.

* Couples are practicing the blame game. Being involved in any type of relationship means commitment. If you are mature enough, this implies that you have to take seriously your role in that relationship. Problems shouldn't always be blamed on one person. None of us are perfect. One person allows the other not to respect the him/her. It is very unhealthy in a relationship to blame the other person whenever a problem arises. If you're encountering or doing this, you can claim that there is a major relationship crisis you are dealing with. If you deny the fact that you also have shortcomings in the relationship, your problem will not be solved.

* Issues are never really resolved. One of the keys to maintaining a healthy relationship is to have constant communication and to have the initiative to fix problems quickly. One common habit of couples is to let problems pass without really trying to fix them. Issues don't fade and sometimes come back to break your relationship when you least expect it. Unresolved issues can mean unresolved emotions too which may resurface eventually.

* Infidelity. When infidelity comes in a relationship, it is certainly expected that both partners will be affected in some way. Couples who have a healthy relationship have little chance of getting into cheating their partners. Those who are not satisfied in their relationship normally search for someone who can satisfy them physically or emotionally. Infidelity will also make a serious relationship crisis.

* Less or no sex. Sexual intimacy is what makes a marriage distinctive from other relationships. Women feel loved and cherished through this while men use sex to show their love for their spouse. When sex slowly decreases (particularly if you're not yet in your golden age), this can be a sign that something is wrong in your relationship.

If you are going through any of these issues, these must be acknowledged. Believing that these issues will fade away after some time will not really happen. A lot of break ups and divorces occur because these problems haven't been addressed while it still wasn't too late. Both parties must be eager to do something to fix any problems. You should act now.

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